archive foodbyvirginia gallery for lilith < 3

nikolaschka (espresso fortune cookie shells, cognac infused caramel, pickled meyer lemon jellies)

vodka, creme de violette, fermented lemon peels along with its brine

sichuan peach soup

sourdough focaccia with three varieties of cornmeal

braised octopus, purple daikon and fennel slaw gently poached in coconut oil

coriander and dill sourdough, black pepper, sardines, parmesean, pink peppercorn syrup

fresh corn and tasmanian pepperberry ice cream, blackberry and farro brittle, lemon sea salt

parsnip and white pepper cake

malted star tarts (pate sucree, orange/blackberry jam, malted whipped cream, malted white chocolate ganache

seared salmon, chamomile butter, kale

smashed white cake, peppermint and strawberry frosting

steamed buckwheat buns, kukicha twig custard, cranberry gelee

chocolate macarons, beetroot buttercream frosting

seared halibut, cranberry oil, whipped burdock root, microgreens

coriander cocktail (vodka, coriander syrup, chratreuse, soda, coriander cream, fresh herb infused oil)

sourdough starter cake

pasta, chili oil infused chocolate butter sauce

horehound lollipops, drizzled salep infused white chocolates

braided okinawa sweet potato gnocchi, powdered microgreens, chrysanthemym honey vinaigrette

olive oil cake, tangelo masrcapone, grand mariner reduction

homemade russian dark bread, strawberry creme fraiche, basil infused oil

revenege body tokens (marshmallow hard candies, red cabbage, jasmine, and grendaine dots

crostini, salmon roe, creme fraiche, lemon beet puree

smoked pineapple cocktail (calendula infused vodka, smoked pineapple, yellow bell pepper, soda)

twice baked meringues, rose and violet caramels

taro chips, vanilla sea salt, black truffle goat cheese, raw clover honey

black vinegar pie, rooibos tea jellies, whipped cream

tri pickled braided chives

summer solstice nog (orange cognac, blue agave, turmeric milk)