best trip ever


19th - Kona brewing weird pepperoni rolls and then spitting cave and cockroach cove. Then raineys apartment started theranos documentary

20th - finished theranos doc. Rainey went to work, I hiked pillbox and got poke and kombucha from the Safeway. Made green tea and then went to visit her at work. Got picked up by Christian and we went and got delicious ramen. Watch 2003 Texas chainsaw

21st - got pastries from nene goose, drove to other side of island for juices tea and salmon bagel w sprouts at farm to barn. Went to waimea beach watched people jump off the rocks. Got Mexican food the best and fattiest carnitas tacos ever in my life yum. Came home and watched John Wayne gacy doc and felt tired and ill

22nd - Raisin and I got brunch at over easy I got the plate with kahlua pork w eggs salad etc. came back and read. Rainey didn’t have to work so we walked over to the shack and got cocktails and then saw the Northman. rainy and stormy day

23rd - eventually made it to Kailua beach. Was super pretty but so fucking windy sand got in everything. Got gifts for family at the market and then went home. Rainey went to work and I decided to walk to food land to get poke. Rainey got sent home cause of cough so I met her there and got ube coconut swirl ice cream. Christian picked us up and we both got poke. Later on they went out with work friends and I stayed back and watched the jerrod Carmichael special and an episode of the dropout

24th - Christian made us biscuits and Gravy for breakfast. ended up sailing for the day with Rainey Christian and two of his coworkers. it wasn’t very peaceful, a lot of moving and keeping yourself stable. Didn’t feel like you got to rest. Afterwards we got Thai food and Christian confessed he didn’t know if I liked him which was a weird relieving moment. I think he wants something from me that I can’t give him. We drove home and his driving scared me and his eyes were droopy. But we laughed a lot and went for a quick bike ride/skate around the neighborhood

25th - watched two episodes of the dropout with Rainey before she had to go to work. I biked to Kailua and laid out and listened to music, swam, and read a chapter of run river. Got a tuna sandwich and Yerba mate on my bike ride home. Showered and shaved and then just relaxed and read some more. Eventually went on a walk to raineys work, got a beer and calamari for dinner. Got a topo chico on my walk home. Watched the rest of dunkirk with Christian.

26th - watched two episodes of the dropout. Grabbed a breakfast of sorts at nalu which was this cringey white people smoothie bowl place and then later on went to Kona and got sandwich wrap thing. In between Rainey got her tips from work and went to target and the bank. Came back home and watched another episode of dropout. Rainey went to work and I ubered to Kailua beach again. Had a bad headache, chilled for a bit, went in the water. Eventually walked over to uhai and hung out until Rainey got off work. Got a Roy roger lol and a burger w fries and then rainey handed me a vodka soda. Christian picked us up and once home I tried to extend my stay but my ticket was non transferable. Watched the penultimate episode of the dropout

27th - woke up and packed. Watched the last episode of the dropout. what a show. went to beet box and got a delicious egg nacho thing with sunflower sprouts and a green juice. Got an iced tea next door and then headed to airport. Stopped at this multi level mall really quick where I tried li hing sweet and sour malasada and Rainey got medicine from longs drugs. Dropped me off at airport.